Borderline Pizza/Taco Jerry's brings unique aspects to restaurants

Borderline Pizza/Taco Jerry's brings unique aspects to restaurants Main Photo

9 Dec 2021

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One business; two names. Borderline Pizza/Taco Jerry’s, run by owners Dale and Ashley White, is well-known to Winnebago County residents.

Dale is proud to say their business has a 4.8 rating on Google and that it comes in the top two listings when one Googles “best pizza in Iowa.”

The business came into Dale’s possession when the original owners were ready to retire in 2006. Before the ownership transfer, the pizza and Mexican restaurant strictly used styrofoam to serve the food. One of the first things Dale did under ownership to advocate for the earth was switch to plates and glassware.

Since then, the Whites and their artistic employees have also created the distinctive look the building holds today. Its interior contains several murals painted by its employees, including a glow-in-the-dark Eiffel Tower painting.

The Whites also exhibit local artists’ paintings and metal art for sale on the wall. Dale noted that customers often feel compelled to take pictures of the unique displays.

The business did not waver heading into the pandemic as it reverted to the ways of its origin: take out. Dale believes that this, amongst other business characteristics such as being a mom-and-pop shop, makes it extraordinary to Forest City.

“Everything about it (the business) is just weird and unique,” said Dale. “I mean, giving an interview in a booth decorated with a pulled apart transmission and a motorcycle chain, it’s weird stuff, but it’s neat.”

While customers are one of his number one priorities, Dale puts full attention on their employees. He ensures they are adequately trained and gives frequent raises. He even gave raises at the beginning of the pandemic to ensure his employees could make ends meet.

Borderline Pizza/Taco Jerry’s frequently has friends and family members of employees join their team. Dale claims multiple employees, including Ashley, have been with the business for 10 or more years.

“I really want a big shout out to all my hard-working employees, current and past, for their hard work and good ideas, and especially my wife,” said Dale. “I would be in deep trouble without her.”

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