We’ve Got Talent

Winnebago and Worth Counties have a strong and talented workforce. Our region’s workforce is diverse with our largest industries being manufacturing, educational services, and agriculture.

This combination of manufacturing and agricultural workers is ideal for businesses in the production, distribution, and value-added agricultural industries. In addition, our education and office workers ensure that Winnebago and Worth counties can support the growth of all types of businesses. 

We are located within 1 ½ hours of Minneapolis/St. Paul to the north and Des Moines to the south. This strategic location makes it possible for businesses to recruit from the many universities found within Minnesota and Iowa. 

Iowa also has a strong workforce training support network of community and technical colleges, along with incentives to fund workforce development within organizations. 

Workforce Training & Recruitment Support

Winn-Worth Betco is here to support the needs of businesses investing in our two county region. If your business has a specific workforce need, contact us to see how we can be of assistance.

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