Winnebago and Worth Counties: Near major metros with access to the entire U.S.

Businesses find that a location in Winnebago and Worth counties offers the ability to reach major metros like the Twin Cities and Des Moines quickly using I-35, while also having access to the entire United States. Winnebago, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of recreational vehicles, is headquartered here for this very reason. 

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Winnebago and Worth Counties are Near Everywhere

We border Minnesota, an attractive asset for companies looking to serve the growing Twin Cities market, along with cities like Rochester. When it comes to drive times, businesses can reach the following cities in under a day when driving from Winnebago and Worth counties. In addition, the Canadian border can be reached in 7 ½ hours, making it easy to serve our neighbors to the north. 

  • Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN - 1 ½ hours
  • Des Moines, IA - 1 ½ hours 
  • St. Cloud, MN - 2 ½ hours
  • Sioux Falls, SD - 3 hours
  • Madison, WI - 4 hours
  • Omaha, NE - 4 hours
  • Lincoln, NE - 4 ½ hours 
  • Kansas City, KC - 4 ½ hours
  • Fargo, ND - 5 hours
  • Chicago, IL - 6 hours
  • St. Louis, MO - 7 hours 
  • Fayetteville, AR - 8 hours
  • Tulsa, OK - 8 ½ hours
  • Indiannapolis, IN - 8 ½ hours 
  • Commercial Sites on I-35

We have commercial sites available for sale or lease along I-35 for companies looking to benefit from our ideal location and proximity to major metropolitan markets. Click here for more information.

Regardless of where you chose to locate in Winnebago and Worth counties, commercial real estate is affordable and priced below national averages.

Regional Airports

The Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport is only 1 ½ hours away to the north. The Des Moines International Airport is just 1 ½ hours away to the south - creating numerous opportunities to fly throughout the country and the world. 

There are regional airports in our region as well. In Lake Mills, Forest City, Clear Lake, Osage, Charles City and Hampton there are airports that can accommodate private aircraft. Click here for a map of North Central Iowa Regional Airports

Rail Transportation

In addition to strong interstate access, local companies have access to a strong network of rail lines for transporting raw materials and finished products. These include service offered by the Union Pacific, Canadian National, North Central Iowa Rail, Iowa Northern Railway, and Canadian Pacific railways. Click here for a map of North Central Iowa Region Railroads


For more information on our location, traffic counts and transportation routes, visit our Maps section.

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