Top of Iowa - Second Addition


The Top of Iowa Second Addition is envisioned as a compliment to the first Top of Iowa development which centers around the flagship property, Diamond Joe’s Casino. Additional development at this interstate exit will diversify offerings for those traveling along the interstate, as well as for residents of the surrounding communities. This project is seen as a catalyst for economic development, new business, and employment opportunities for Winnebago and Worth Counties. The community is excited about the potential this project has for creating growth in the region.

The partners involved in the development are interested in seeing new restaurants, retail, hotels, professional office spaces, and outdoor recreation incorporated at this site. The proximity of this location between Des Moines and Minneapolis offers unique opportunities to capitalize on travelers between the two cities.

Project Participants

Melissa Michaelis - Winn-Worth Betco
Enos Loberg - Worth County Supervisor
Mark Smeby - Worth County Supervisor
AJ Stone - Worth County Supervisor
Mark Thoma - Winnebago Cooperative Telecom Association
Bruce Hansen - Iowa Area Development Group
Ethan Pitt - Iowa Area Development Group
John Leerar - Heartland Power Cooperative
Grant Bauermeister - OPN Architects
Isaac Bracher - OPN Architects
Joe Feldmann - OPN Architects


Design Guidelines

Building Design Standards

Design of structures in the development should reinterpret the local vernacular architecture. Examples of the acceptable design aesthetic are included in this section as precedent images. Buildings should have sloped roof forms and be constructed of high-quality materials as noted below. Building fenestration should be of an appropriate scale to the overall façade area, and elevations without fenestration should be kept to a minimum.

Site Planning

The site is platted into 12 lots, bounded on the west by Wheelerwood Road and is bisected by Wheelerwood Court in the north-south direction. Wheelerwood Court is planned to be lined with trees, pedestrian sidewalks, and attractive landscaping. Lot 11 is envisioned as a green-space park for the development which would be the first parcel developed to encourage subsequent projects.

Plant Material Standards

All plant species shall be appropriate for the climate and location being planted. All plant material shall be commercially produced and meet the minimum standards recognized by landscape professionals. To reduce the threat and impact of plant disease, multiple plant types and species shall be utilized on each site. No single tree or shrub species shall make up more than 15% of the total tree or shrub species on a site.

Parking Requirements

Parking distributed evenly around the development consolidates shared parking cells between multiple parcels. Typically, 2-3 lots share a larger parking lot to minimize the visual impact of parking while providing patrons with quick and easy access to shops and restaurants.

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