Find Housing in Winnebago & Worth Counties, Iowa

Families and retirees appreciate the low cost of housing in Winnebago and Worth Counties, Iowa. Our housing cost 66% less than the national average, making it possible to save thousands, pay off the mortgage earlier, or invest in rental properties. We encourage anyone looking to own real estate to put Winnebago and Worth counties at the top of their list. Click here for properties in Worth county. Click here to view properties for sale in Winnebago county. 

But, don’t worry - if you are a renter, there is room for you as well! Click here to view rental properties in Winnebago and Worth counties, Iowa. 

Additional Information

Below you will find links to some of our newer subdivisions along with programs designed to help homeowners to purchase or build a home.

$1 Lots in Northwood, Iowa
Estates of Bear Creek, Forest City, Iowa
Executive Estates, Forest City, Iowa
Fairway Meadows, Forest City, Iowa
North Oaks Second Subdivision, Lake Mills, Iowa
Northwood Housing Assistance (Financial Incentive for homeowners)
Prairie View Estates, Forest City, Iowa
Sterling Acres Subdivision, Manly, Iowa
Windview Heights Subdivision, Lake Mills, Iowa