Winnebago and Worth Counties are Home to Thriving Industries

While much of the country has seen a decline in manufacturing jobs, this is not the case in Winnebago and Worth counties. Our manufacturing sector is going strong, with Winnebago (one of the largest RV manufacturers) leading the way. Our workforce is up to the task and ideal for any manufacturing companies looking to expand, onshore in the United States or to create a stateside presence for the first time. 

The largest sector in the Winnebago & Worth Counties is Manufacturing, employing 1,138 workers. The next-largest sectors in the region are Educational Services (853 workers) and Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting (730). Regional sectors with the best job growth over the last 5 years are Manufacturing, Wholesale Trade, and Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation.

Target Industries

All industries are welcome in Winnebago and Worth counties. Our location along I-35 in between the Twin Cities and Des Moines, makes us an ideal location for any company looking to serve these major metropolitan areas while saving money on property costs and payroll. Since our area has a lower cost of living, it has a lower cost of doing business. This makes it possible for companies to relocate to our region, save money and use that savings to either increase profitability or fund expansion projects, among other company initiatives. 

We do have assets that are particularly well-suited to certain industries. For example, our manufacturing sector is strong and there are much opportunities for manufacturing companies wishing to serve Winnebago or others in the automotive industry, most of which are located within a day’s drive. 

In addition, our region is rich in agriculture. Value-added agricultural companies would do well to locate here both for access to raw materials and due to our strong rail and interstate system, along with affordable properties and an experienced workforce. 

Agritourism and outdoor recreation are also drawing a crowd to Winnebago and Worth counties. From hunting and fishing to large outdoor concerts, weddings and even staying on local farms through AirBNB, people are attracted to the pleasant living our region has to offer. 

Entrepreneurs and startups in the tech space would also do well here. We have broadband and our property cost (both for businesses and owners) is so low that every dollar stretches further. 

We also have the land that data centers need, along with access to low cost energy and water.

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