Find an Affordable Dream Home in Winnebago and Worth Counties.

Housing in Winnebago and Worth counties is very affordable.  There is a variety of housing types from new construction to beautiful historic homes to farm and ranch land complete with charming homes. Whether you want to live in a cute downtown, a new subdivision or in a rural area, you can find your dream home in Winnebago and Worth counties.

Our housing is 66% cheaper than the national average.

  • Young professionals, families and retirees can all benefit from the low cost of housing in Winnebago and Worth Counties. You can buy a home here for the cost of an RV. We are home to Winnebago so many people have both! Afterall, it’s easy to afford a home and the fun things in life when housing costs just $101,650 on average! Compare that with the national average of $231,000. In nearby Minneapolis, for example, the average home costs $270,800. In Des Moines, another nearby metro, the average house is $140,800 - still much higher than in Winnebago and Worth counties. 

By simply reducing the cost of housing, our region is making it possible for families to have financial options like the option to invest in education, take more vacations, pay off the mortgage early, and retire in comfort. Plus, with so many fun activities available in Winnebago and Worth counties (from entertainment offered by Diamond Jo Casino to hunting, fishing, dining and shopping) our residents enjoy having the extra money to spend. 

Additional Information 

For additional information on our area new housing subdivisions, community housing incentive programs, and to access the state rental database, visit our Available Housing page.

Download the 2022 Worth County Housing Needs Assessment here.

Download the 2022 Winnebago County Housing Needs Assessment here.