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North Central Iowa Regional Economic Port Authority

Screen%20Shot%202021 12-13%20at%206_57_02%20PMSupervisors from Cerro Gordo, Mitchell, Winnebago and Worth Counties met in 2015 to discuss economic development opportunities that could be accessed by partnering to create a regional Port Authority. The discussion centered on how a partnership could encourage growth by removing obstacles to capital investment and lowering fixed costs for private companies and governments in the region by using bonding, financing, and ownership abilities provided to Port Authorities.

The Iowa Code grants Port Authorities many powers of a municipality, with the exception of independent eminent domain powers and taxing authority.  Key powers of note include; tax exempt (income and property); ability to issue revenue bonds; establish and operate Foreign Trade Zones; loan money to persons or governments; and guarantee obligations of any person or government.

The Iowa Legislature approved Chapter 28J in 2005, which enables and defines Port Authorities in Iowa.  Currently, the only Port Authority in Iowa is the Southeast Iowa Regional Economic & Port Authority made up of Lee County and the cities of Fort Madison and Keokuk.                  

County officials believe that establishing a Port Authority in North Iowa would provide the region with opportunities to capitalize on various logistical and utility advantages in the region.

Meetings and Agendas

Previous Agendas and Minutes are available at Mitchell County Economic Development Commission

212 S 5th St, Osage, IA 50461

Phone(641) 732-4790

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