We’re Open for Businesses Winnebago & Worth Counties

Winnebago and Worth counties present numerous opportunities for businesses looking to grow and expand in the Midwestern United States.

Foreign companies looking to invest in the U.S., manufacturing companies needing to diversify through onshoring, distribution companies in need of a center location and high-tech companies in search of affordable power will all benefit by locating here. We have available commercial sites, low property costs, financial and tax incentives, affordable energy and a strong workforce, in addition to a central location along I-35. Entrepreneurs and startups thrive here too. We have a history of startup success from the early days of agricultural companies to the modern manufacturing and technology companies of today. 

Our excellent geographic location, highly-skilled workforce, low tax burden, reasonable cost of living, predictable regulatory environment, and our policy of being open for business make our area the perfect choice to locate your business in. 

Grow Your Business

The Winnebago and Worth Counties Betterment Council (Winn-Worth Betco) is here to support all businesses and developers looking to grow in our 14 communities. We work closely with existing businesses and entrepreneurs to help their companies expand, hire employees, and secure the incentives they need to fund various projects. Our objective is to provide whatever support is needed to spur economic and job growth within the region. 

Winn-Worth Betco can also help your business by making it easier to access financial and tax incentives. These incentives packages are customized per business so contact Winn-Worth Betco at 641-592-0800 or director@winn-worthbetco.com for more information.


Improve your chances of business success with good planning, preparation, and insight. The tools on our website provide information about demographics, site selection tools and incentives. We invite you to explore them and to contact us for personalized assistance and support.