Winn-Worth Betco Arts and Culture

With its inspiring pastoral landscapes and historic small town main streets, Winnebago and Worth counties attract those who are looking to escape the chaos and cost of the city, including those looking for cultural amenities.

With it’s close proximity to Minneapolis and Des Moines, you’ll find North Iowa’s leading destination for artists and art connoisseurs alike. The Winn-Worth Betco region boasts of cutting edge farm-to-table culinary experiences, a vibrant theater and performing arts scene and participates in the award-winning North Iowa Independent Film Festival.

The Winn-Worth Betco region is made up of several small towns known as artists retreats, where writers, chefs, musicians and filmmakers gather.  Vacationers looking for experiences that provide a deeper understanding and appreciation for what they eat and a connection to the land can find all of that in the Winn-Worth Betco region.  With its vibrant agricultural community, and close proximity to where ingredients are raised and grown, chefs are drawn away from the cities to open their own restaurants where they serve fabulous farm-to-table fare.  Showcasing a vibrant fine arts center, studios, shops, and quaint galleries the Winn-Worth Betco area is  sure to spark creativity and bring out the artist within.


The Worth County Freedom Rock is in Kensett on the grounds of the community center.  The following Worth County Historical Society properties can be found here.


The Winnebago Historical Society is housed in the Mansion Museum at 336 North Clark St., and it oversees Heritage Park, a 91-acre park on the south edge of Forest City. Its mission is to educate children and adults through the Mansion Museum, reintroduce families to their past through the Leibrand-Whiteis Historical Center and recreate the lives and livelihoods of our ancestors at Heritage Park of North Iowa.


Museums and Points of Interest

Citizens Savings Bank Museum Photo

Citizens Savings Bank Museum

Worth County Veterans' Monument Photo

Worth County Veterans' Monument

Worth County Main Museum Photo

Worth County Main Museum

Machinery Museum Photo

Machinery Museum

The Gladys Pixley Memorial Log House Photo

The Gladys Pixley Memorial Log House

The Old Creamery Museum Photo

The Old Creamery Museum

Chapel Hill Cemetery Photo

Chapel Hill Cemetery

Grafton Heritage Depot Photo

Grafton Heritage Depot

Kensett Community Church Photo

Kensett Community Church

The Top of Iowa Welcome Center Photo

The Top of Iowa Welcome Center

Sime-Oswald Cabin Photo

Sime-Oswald Cabin

Swensrud School Photo

Swensrud School

Winnebago County Veterans' Monument Photo

Winnebago County Veterans' Monument

Heritage Park of North Iowa Photo

Heritage Park of North Iowa

Arlington Park - Lake Mills Photo

Arlington Park - Lake Mills

Burnap Country School Museum Photo

Burnap Country School Museum

Buffalo Center Historical Society Photo

Buffalo Center Historical Society

Grant Township School House #5 Photo

Grant Township School House #5

Northwood Commercial Historic District Photo

Northwood Commercial Historic District

Victorian House Photo

Victorian House

Heritage Park Of North Iowa Photo

Heritage Park Of North Iowa

The Mansion Museum Photo

The Mansion Museum

The Promise of America Photo

The Promise of America

Bolan Schoolhouse & Cultural Center Photo

Bolan Schoolhouse & Cultural Center

Emmanuel Lutheran Church Altar Photo

Emmanuel Lutheran Church Altar

The Caboose Museum Photo

The Caboose Museum

Manly Junction RR Museum Photo

Manly Junction RR Museum

Rhodes Mill Photo

Rhodes Mill


Food Arts

The Branding Iron Photo

The Branding Iron

Cafe Mir Photo

Cafe Mir

Signature’s Photo


Wood Fire Grille Photo

Wood Fire Grille


Art Studios Galleries and Shops

Waldorf College Art Gallery Photo

Waldorf College Art Gallery

Iowa Artists Region 2 Show Photo

Iowa Artists Region 2 Show


Theater and Performing Arts

The Boman Fine Arts Center Photo

The Boman Fine Arts Center



Iowa Independent Film Festival Photo

Iowa Independent Film Festival