Education in Winn-Worth Bestco

Great schools in Winnebago and Worth counties provide a positive learning environment, a cohesive staff, community involvement, strong leadership and a rigorous curriculum. 

Parents looking for safe school districts that offer great teachers with a strong emphasis on academics, while providing plentiful opportunities for extracurricular involvement, will be happy with all of the school districts found in the Winn-Worth Betco region. 

Winn-Worth Bestco regional school districts receive strong financial support from the WCDA, (the Worth County Development Authority), which is the Non-Profit Arm of  Diamond Jo Casino in Worth County.  It receives a percentage of Diamond Jo Casino's annual gross earnings with a significant amount applied to education. Every August, the WCDA  gives out “Back-to-School Gift Cards” to K-12 students living in Worth County.  The WCDA has provided each high school Senior that qualifies, a scholarship to higher education, with over 9 million dollars generously given in scholarships since 2007. Additional financial support for continued learning can be found through other organizations like The Forest City Education Foundation.

Boasting small class sizes with an average student to teacher ratio of fourteen to one, students receive high quality individual attention.  All of these school districts proudly embrace cultural diversity noting an increase in minority enrollment at 13% of the student body.

With an outpouring of community support and a lot of hardwork and determination these school districts score high in math and reading proficiency,  it’s no wonder that they are among the top ranked public schools in Iowa.

Community Schools

Central Springs School District Photo

Central Springs School District

Forest City School District Photo

Forest City School District

Lake Mills School District Photo

Lake Mills School District

North Iowa School District Photo

North Iowa School District

Northwood-Kensett School District Photo

Northwood-Kensett School District