Winnebago and Worth Counties Enjoy a Low Cost of Living

Saving money is much easier when living in Winnebago and Worth counties. After all, our cost of living is far below the national average. In Winnebago County, the cost of living is just 76.7% of the national average! In Worth County, it’s just 78.2%. This means that a remote worker or retiree could move from an area that is 100% of the national average and immediately spend around 22% less on their monthly living expenses. Think of a move to Winnebago and Worth counties as the biggest raise you ever received. 

Those looking for a good job will find one here as well. Our employers are hiring and the cost of living benefits apply to you as well. For example, the average home here costs around $100,000. Compare that with the national average of $231,000 and it’s easy to see how easy it is to reduce your monthly mortgage payment or perhaps to buy a home for the very first time.

In a day and age where so many people have been cut out of the American Dream due to rising home prices, it feels good to live in a community where everyone from young professionals to families and retirees can afford to have a home of their own. It’s all possible here.

Click below to see how our cost of living is low in housing, transportation and utilities. 

Worth County Cost of Living

Winnebago County Cost of Living

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