Freedom Fitness breaks barriers with 24-hour gym

Freedom Fitness breaks barriers with 24-hour gym Main Photo

9 Dec 2021

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Despite the pandemic continuing in full swing, Forest City local Allyson Wilson, with the help of her husband, Brett Wilson, fought to fulfill her dream of opening up a gym.

The couple opened the 24-hour gym located in Forest City in July of 2020, but the pandemic was not the only obstacle in their way. They struggled to find an adequate building to build their business until they came across some old storage garages.

Upon purchasing, the couple got to work renovating the entire building and claiming there was not a single thing in there left untouched. The couple removed the large garage-style doors, redid the wiring and plumbing and much more.

Growing up, Allyson participated in sports and maintained a healthy condition, but after the birth of her second child, she found herself in the worst shape of her life. She began not only to work out but participate in CrossFit and body-building competitions.

Upon her success in the gym, many Forest City residents approached her about the need for a 24-hour gym in the city. Allyson and Brett shared the idea that the opportunity could be successful and began researching.

In Jan. 2019, the couple bought out a gym in Minnesota and used those supplies to start the new one.

“People were not going to the gym because they were afraid of COVID, so they were buying all new stuff for home,” said Allyson. “You couldn’t get equipment, so we were very lucky that we got it before COVID even hit.”

The couple believes their gym is excellent for those working unconventional hours and recognizes that those beginning to work out sometimes feel more comfortable doing so at a time when there may be fewer members around. The owners also pride themselves in creating a welcoming and safe environment used by locals ranging from teenagers to eighty-year-olds.

“I think we have really good members,” said Brett. “I think most of them take pride in working out here, and they take really good care of our equipment.”

Moving ahead, the couple looks forward to the gym’s relocation as they are looking for a larger building. Hoping to have it open by the summer of 2022, they will finally have a space to hold classes, personal training and more equipment.

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