Winnebago and Worth Counties Enjoy a Low Cost of Living

13 Oct 2021


Winnebago and Worth Counties, located in Northern Iowa, are known for many great things, one of which is our low cost of living! Here our cost of living is far below the national average. Winnebago County’s cost of living is 76.7% of the national average, and Worth County’s is 78.2%. This means that anyone who decides to move to one of our counties is going to spend about 22% less on their monthly living costs!

Housing costs themselves are also lower here. The national average house cost is currently around $231,000. In our two counties, the cost of housing is around %100,00 – a substantial difference. On top of all of this, Winnebago and Worth counties also have lower transportation and utility costs. Click here to learn more about the low cost of living here in Winnebago and Worth counties and see why more people are choosing to locate here!

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