Win-Win all the way: A climate for Manufacturing in Winn-Worth Betco

Win-Win all the way: A climate for Manufacturing in Winn-Worth Betco Main Photo

11 Oct 2021


Home to world-class industries and a broad manufacturing landscape the counties of Winnebago and Worth are well-positioned to celebrate Manufacturing Month, an annual event that is celebrated all over the country in October. In past years, Winn-Worth Betco has teamed up with local businesses and school systems to provide opportunities to learn more about local manufacturing. Such events include business tours, business presentations, and career exploration fairs. Area manufacturers are also highlighted throughout October to help connect the community with business.

Winn-Worth Betco Demonstrates A Manufacturing Spirit

Located along the I-35 between the Twin Cities and Des Moines, Winnebago and Worth counties provide easy access to major transit, making it an ideal location for manufacturers looking to serve surrounding metropolitan areas while keeping the cost of business low. Property and payroll costs in north-central Iowa are economical, and residents benefit from a low cost of living. Companies have been known to relocate to this region, save on costs and use these savings to increase their profitability or fund other projects for expansion. Served by 5 school districts, the Winn-Worth Betco region is an affordable area for both families and businesses to thrive and prosper.

While much of the country saw a decline in manufacturing jobs in recent years, it is not the case in Winnebago and Worth counties. Area manufacturers provide approximately 1100  jobs in 39 locations in the two-county area. The region has thriving manufacturers like Winnebago Industries in Forest City and ADA Enterprises, INC in Northwood that conduct business across the country as well as internationally.*

Wilkinson Tool & Die: On The Center Stage Of Growth & Progress

Wilkinson Tool & DieWilkinson Tool & Die specializes in the design and production of dies, fixtures, and tooling for regional industries. In its 28th year of serving a wide industry customer base, Wilkinson can provide customers with dies in every form and size - from small stand-alone dies to large Class A progressive dies. Die tryout is also conducted in-house, minimizing tweaking time. Their sister company Midwest Metal Stamping offers coil feed and hand-fed stamping along with component assembly and delivery that is available entirely within the region. As a team, Wilkinson Tool & Die and Midwest Metal Stamping offer their customers a wide variety of services. By providing the capabilities of both hand transfer stamping and coil line feeders, the company can cater to the long and short-run production needs of clients. Wilkinson can also implement high-quality certified check fixtures to ensure that parts arrive with-in engineered specifications.

For Mark Wilkinson, of Wilkinson Tool & Die, working in the manufacturing sector has been very fulfilling. “It has been a great experience working with professionals who are involved in all aspects of manufacturing. As the company grows, the team grows too, and it feels good to be part of one big team. It feels good”, he says. “Right from taking the first step in the design to coming up with the finished product, each time brings on a new challenge and the way we deal with it. That is what makes our business so exciting,” Wilkinson said.

Manufacturing In Winn-Worth Betco 

To manufacturers like Wilkinson, Winn-Worth Betco offers an array of opportunities, including assisting with workforce recruitment and retention, as well as the implementation of workforce education and training. The active area workforce is perceived to have an innovative outlook with a drive for putting in dedicated work.

“The people here are hardworking with a great work ethic. They come to the table with a positive outlook for themselves, and the company that they are a part of,” Wilkinson states..

“With the kind of technology that we have today, we can do business with companies regionally, as if we were local to them. What is special about this place is that we get to enjoy small-town living, with some great schools, local colleges, and trade schools. The area also offers a wide variety of options in recreation as well,” Wilkinson concludes.

For the manufacturing community and the families of Winn-Worth Betco, the situation is “ Win-Win” all the way.

To learn how your manufacturing company can benefit from being located in the Winn-Worth area, contact the Executive Director, Melissa Michaelis at 641-592-0800 or email Get to know more about their approach to business! Follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

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