Unlocking Your Business's Future: Business Transition Planning Workshop in Iowa

Unlocking Your Business's Future: Business Transition Planning Workshop in Iowa Main Photo

10 Nov 2023


Businesses are not static entities; they evolve, grow, and adapt to changing environments. Business owners must envision and plan for the future to ensure long-term sustainability. This includes preparing for transitions such as ownership changes, exits, or successions. Business Transition Planning is critical in safeguarding your business, family, and key employees. A workshop on  Business Transition Planning is taking place at the NIACC Pappajohn Center #117 on November 16, 2023. where experts will guide business owners in charting the path to a secure future.

Workshop Details and Key Focus Areas

Ashley Page, Director of Entrepreneurship Programs & Client Success at NIACC John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center, states, “The upcoming Business Transition Planning workshop is a golden opportunity for business owners to gain invaluable insights and strategies for securing the long-term prosperity of their enterprises. Hosted by the NIACC John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center, this free workshop will address various aspects of transition planning, ensuring that your business remains robust, adaptable, and financially protected.”

Does your business have a vision for the long term? Develop the strategies to future-proof your business in this FREE workshop led by the experts.

The workshop will cover the following major topics:

  1. Business Transition Strategies: Learn how to create a seamless transition strategy that guarantees financial protection for your family and key employees. With guidance from industry experts, you'll discover the best practices to navigate this critical phase successfully.
  2. Business Liquidity Tax Planning: Gain insights into effective tax planning strategies that can help you maintain the liquidity of your business during the transition process. This essential knowledge can save you from financial pitfalls down the road.
  3. Sales, Operating, and Transition Agreements: Understand the importance of well-structured agreements in a business transition. These agreements are crucial in establishing the rules and responsibilities during the transition process, reducing conflicts, and ensuring a smooth handover.
    Planned Controls and Transfer of Interests for Closely-Held Businesses: Managing the transfer of interests is a complex task for closely-held businesses. This workshop will equip you with strategies to maintain control while transitioning smoothly.
  4. Exploring Different Transition Options: Learn how to analyze various transition options without creating undue damage or sparking rumors within your organization. Discover the art of managing change discreetly and effectively.
  5. Valuing Your Business: Understanding the actual value of your business is vital to making informed decisions during a transition. The workshop will provide insights into business valuation, a fundamental aspect of the planning process.
  6. Marketing the Sale of Your Business: Once you've decided on a transition, marketing the sale of your business becomes paramount. Discover practical strategies to maximize your business's market appeal and profitability.

With limited seats available, this workshop promises an intimate and interactive learning environment. The NIACC John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center is proud to present a lineup of distinguished presenters:

              BrownWinick Law Firm 
              BrownWinick Law Firm 
               BrownWinick Law Firm 
              The Business Brokers.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is tailored for a broad audience that includes

  • Attorneys
  • Banking Associates
  • Brokers
  • Business Owners
  • Chamber & Community Leaders &
  • CPAs.

The diverse group of attendees ensures that you will have the opportunity to gain a multifaceted perspective on Business Transition Planning and how it can be tailored to suit various industries and situations.

Business Transition Planning is a crucial aspect of ensuring the longevity and prosperity of your business. The free workshop provides an exclusive opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals well-versed in the intricacies of transition planning. This workshop promises to be a game-changer for business owners, and seats are limited, so be sure to register quickly! Here is the link to register: https://biztransition.eventbrite.com

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