Buckets Bar & Grill serving it up to Winnebago County

Buckets Bar & Grill serving it up to Winnebago County Main Photo

18 Feb 2022

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Buckets Bar & Grill has been bringing communities together one drink at a time since 2019.

Brian Andersen, owner, worked part-time for Squid Willy’s in Thompson for 15 years before coming into ownership of the bar in 2019. While the bar did not close during the transfer of ownership, Andersen looked to make changes.

He renamed the bar after a nickname given to him by his former coworkers: Buckethead. Andersen went on to introduce a full food menu to the bar in July 2020.

Later that year, Andersen acquired another bar in Thompson, believing “the opportunity was there” and that it was “a good fit.” The most recent addition to the Buckett Bar & Grill family came aboard in December 2021 in Rake.

Throughout the three locations, Andersen depends on three managers: Martha Beenken (Buffalo Center), Morgan Beohm (Rake) and Morgan Skoglund (Thompson).

“I don’t call them managers; I call them squirrel chasers,” Andersen laughed. “They keep me focused on what I need to be doing. They keep me on track.”

Buckets Bar & Grill is active in its communities, hosting and sponsoring various events and teams. The bars have helped with and hosted the Veteran’s Run, Ladie’s Night, 80s Prom and more.

The bars’ most popular items include wings, sandwiches and big *ss bucket burgers. The bar also holds themed nights consisting of Taco Tuesday and Fish Fry Fridays. The staff hopes to introduce Pasta Thursdays soon.

As the newest location, Rake has yet to bring a food menu to the table; however, Andersen and his managerial staff are looking to make this menu unique to its counterparts, hoping this will encourage traffic to Rake.

The leadership team believes their jobs are rewarding, enjoying the opportunities to serve and meet the community.

“We’ve got a great following…” said Andersen. “It’s not just happy hour. The people that come in, they always have fun.”

“The music is always up, and people are always dancing it seems like, even on a Tuesday night,” Beohm added.

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