Important Metrics To Measure The Success Of Video

17 Jan 2022


VR Tours are popular because they’re effective. In fact, they’ve become such a common factor in decision-making that a lot of economic development organizations consider them a “must-have” component in their marketing arsenal. After all, everyone starts by doing research online before they pick up the phone. A compelling VR tour should do more than lead to that critical initial meeting. It should cause decision-makers to feel they have a bond with your community and your EDO before they engage in that first conversation. Of course, sustainable success requires more than producing and promoting your VR tour. You need to follow up regularly to measure how well your video is performing. 

It’s best to study the metrics with a proactive eye. What do your metrics tell you about making adjustments to future videos? Can you utilize your metrics to edit your current video if it’s not performing as well as you had hoped?

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