Working remotely in the Winn-Worth Betco Region, Iowa - The Best of Both Worlds

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15 Feb 2022


Covid-19 has forever changed the way we work, live, and communicate with each other. Even before the pandemic the US workforce had begun to increasingly rely on communication applications like Slack, Zoho and even video conferencing. The global crisis only stepped up the momentum of usage for these tools, putting them into work universally. By April 2020, 44% of employees began to work from home, due to the pandemic.

Remote work: Merits versus disadvantages

As with everything, remote working has its merits and demerits. Some advantages of a remote working lifestyle are:

Flexibility: You can oversee your own schedule, and thus manage your time efficiently, giving you the freedom to run errands and attend to your home. Remote working can pave the way to a good work-life balance for you.

No more daily commutes: You can stay on top of your schedule as you no longer have the monotony of a daily commute, by car, train, or bus. You can start your workday earlier and in a much calmer state of mind.

Better health: You now have more time to include an exercise regimen in your daily routine. This way you can stay healthy. Exposure to sick colleagues is also not a troubling factor anymore.

The disadvantages?

Self-discipline is a must:  It is easy to succumb to distractions when working remotely. Keeping track of your time and working structurally is crucial.

Lack of social life at the workplace: Face-to-face meetings and easy banter with your colleagues can only happen in a physical workspace. Remote workers can succumb to a sense of isolation.

Indistinct lines: When a clear separation between work life and the home space does not exist, they could both meld together, making it difficult to switch between the two seamlessly.

“Working Remotely Has Been Smooth Sailing”: April Van Hove, Winnebago County

April Van Hove

April Van Hove lives near Thompson and works for Alerus, a personal and business finance services company with its headquarters in Grand Forks, ND. The company took to remote work mode for all its employees since the beginning of the pandemic. April has been working from out of home too, and she is thrilled with the support she has received from the community she resides in. 

“For me personally, my company did an excellent job - they got 70% of the staff working remotely within a week. It all worked out very well for me, given the circumstances. The transition was quick and went through seamlessly. Before the pandemic hit, I would have a 35-minute commute each way to work. Now I can add that extra hour into my day.” April says.

What about the support system? “As you know, Thompson is very rural, and I was a bit worried about internet connectivity. But my internet connection has been very stable, and Winnebago Cooperative Telecom Association (WCTA) has been wonderful. There have been little to no interruptions.” April states. As for education in the county, April says, “The school system has been doing its best to cater to all the different variables playing out during the pandemic - scheduling school meetings and other events. And of course, now, there is no need for after school daycare. I am closer to home now and there whenever my children need me,” April says. 

Winn-Worth Betco: Offering you an ideal, affordable lifestyle

Halfway between Minneapolis and Des Moines, lies the region of Winnebago and Worth counties, where both businesses and workers have access to the Metros. Winn-Worth Betterment Council (WWB) is in the center of these booming metros with the available sites, financial and tax incentives to make it financially attractive to operate a business here.  WWB is here to support all businesses and developers looking to grow in our 14 communities. What is of significance is that this region not only offers affordable housing but also schools that offer great scholarships, all with the ambience of a smaller town lifestyle.

Great schools, low housing prices, scholarships for graduating seniors, outdoor recreation, entertainment, restaurants, shops and even a casino make this region ideal for growing businesses and families. With a vibrant lifestyle reminiscent of a much larger city, each of WWB’s communities offer the best of both worlds - a hometown atmosphere combined with big city amenities. And for people like April Van Hove, working remotely from her home in Winnebago County is the ultimate icing on the cake.

Contact us here to know more about living and working in Winn-Worth Betco. 

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