WWB introduces Marketing Goals for 2022

WWB introduces Marketing Goals for 2022 Main Photo

14 Feb 2022

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Hello, I am Kaylee Schuermann. I have been working for Winn-Worth Betco as a Marketing Director since December 2020.

You may have heard me on KIOW Radio with Mark Skaar on Fridays for morning conversation to promote events in Winnebago and Worth counties. You probably even saw me running around these events this past summer with my phone and camera to produce videos for our YouTube channel and website.

Throughout my time in this role, I have also been designing the latest two-county brochure. This brochure will outline each town within both counties and their businesses, as well as things to do.

Over time, I have written 26 promotional articles on local businesses and community members. Each piece usually contains 300-400 words and is posted on the Winn-Worth Betco website and sent to local newspapers.

From July 1 to Sept. 30, over 1,700 web users viewed our website. That means there was a potential for 1,700 people to see articles on our local businesses. In fact, one of our highest viewed pages on the entire site during this time was a story on Buffalo Center’s Main Street Market.

Kaylee will be working on content which includes reaching out to members and businesses in the communities to interview. These interviews can be done in-person or over the phone. Please consider setting up a time with her to promote your business or your efforts as an active member of your community. Kaylee’s articles are sent to the local newspapers as well as posted on our website. Many of her articles have been published in print as well.

Business Spotlight

If you own or operate a business in Winnebago or Worth Counties, please consider reaching out to Kaylee with interest in an article. There is not cost to you! Our goal with these articles is to promote your business and give potential customers insight on you as an individual.

Community Member Spotlight

The goal of these articles it to promote your community. The reach of our articles extends well beyond the county borders. These articles will be helpful in attracting tourists and workforce.

Meet the Mayors

Each election year, the local newspapers often spotlight stories about the candidates that inform the public of their platform and their history. We would like to expand on that concept and create an article with more insight on a mayor’s history and community participation. Take this opportunity to reach out to Kaylee directly. She will also be contacting you throughout the year. Marketing@winn-worthbetco.com

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