Manufacturing 4.0: Iowa’s Blueprint for a Technology Revolution

3 Jun 2021


Iowa’s extensive history of supplying global markets with a wide range of goods – from food products and pharmaceuticals to aerospace electronics and construction machinery – has positioned the state as a national leader in advanced manufacturing. As the state’s largest industry, advanced manufacturing generates more than $12 billion worth of exported goods and accounts for nearly 18 percent of the state’s GDP.

Despite the industry’s long-term growth and well-earned reputation, research into industry trends by Iowa’s public and private sector leaders revealed the need for a shift to remain competitive in the global marketplace. Their primary takeaway: Iowa’s advanced manufacturing businesses must continue to adapt to the landscape formed by the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) and its emphasis on smart technology, data-driven operations and process automation. 

To remain on the cutting edge of the industry’s evolving technological demands, Iowa formed an industry-led Manufacturing 4.0 initiative in partnership with TEConomy Partners. The resulting strategic plan outlines strategies to help Iowa adapt to Industry 4.0’s challenges of adopting technology, increasing productivity and competing for talent amid ongoing globalization in advanced manufacturing.

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