Customer Experience Can Be Data Driven—Here’s How

4 May 2021

In the digital age, customer experience is king. In the past, delivering a poor experience meant, at worst, getting a negative review or being lambasted on social media. Those things still happen, of course, but increasingly companies are watching their revenue dwindle as more customer-centric competitors rise to take their place.

Today, two-thirds of companies compete on customer experience alone (compared to 36 percent in 2010). Delivering a seamless, paperless and broker-free CX is how insurance app Lemonade grew from a promising startup to a publicly traded company worth billions. The simple goal of bringing humanity back to air travel is how JetBlue became a customer favorite. And revolutionizing consignment shopping with a mobile app is how ThredUp raised hundreds of millions in funding. 

The reality is that today’s businesses are operating in an environment where their top competitors are just a click away. Low prices, free shipping and lots of choices are no longer differentiators—they’re a given. Brands must stand out by delivering an exceptional customer experience.

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