History of the Winn-Worth Betco Region

29 Sep 2021


The history of Winnebago and Worth counties goes back to the days of the pioneers when explorers were headed west. Winnebago County was named in honor of the Winnebago Indian tribe that resides in the area when the county was created. The earliest settler in Winnebago County was in 1851 when the county was created. 

Worth County was also created in 1851, with the county seat being Northwood. In 1865 the first courthouse was built in Worth County, with the total cost of construction being $1,000! There has historically been a battle between Northwood and Bristol trying to decide which city should be the county seat. Northwood has won that battle and continues to be the county seat. Click here to learn more about the history of the Winn-Worth Betco Region today!

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