Employers Can Now Post Available Jobs in Winnebago and Worth Counties!

4 Aug 2021


Winnebago and Worth Counties, both located in north-central Iowa, want to ensure that employers are finding the right kind of talent for their businesses. Just like we want our local workforce to be employed where their special skills fit best. This is why The Winnebago and Worth Counties Betterment Council (Winn-Worth Betco) has created a specific area on our website where employers can go to post available jobs. 

All the employer has to do is fill in specific information on the job or jobs available. This information includes job title, type, pay, and publication date. Requirements such as specific qualifications, education, and responsibilities can also be added. If you are an employer who has available jobs you need to be filled, click here to submit a job posting on Winn-Worth Betco’s website and find qualified employees today!

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