Winnebago & Worth Counties: An Ideal Destination for Many Industries

2 Jun 2021


There are several target industries that are thriving in Winnebago and Worth Counties here in Iowa! Despite manufacturing being down in most of the country, that is not the case in our counties. Manufacturing is a booming part of our thriving industries here! In fact, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of recreational vehicles (RVs) is located right here!

Other target industries in our counties include educational services, agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting, agrotourism, outdoor recreation, and more! Entrepreneurs and start-up companies in the tech industry would thrive well here too with our broadband amenities and low energy costs. Our counties have a lower cost of living and lower cost of doing business, making it easier for people to relocate here and for businesses in any industry to succeed here! Click here to learn more about how our counties can help your business be a success!

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