Discovering the Charm of Winnebago County, Iowa: A Resident's Perspective

Discovering the Charm of Winnebago County, Iowa: A Resident's Perspective Main Photo

8 Jul 2024

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In North Iowa, Winnebago County offers a rich history, robust economic development, and a vibrant community life. David L. Kingland, a long-time resident and retired CEO of MBT Bank, shares his insights on why Winnebago County is a fantastic place to live, work, and raise a family.

Rooted in History: A Personal Journey

Kingland's connection to Winnebago County runs deep. "My ancestors came to Winnebago County from Norway in the late 1800s. I was born and raised on a farm here," he recalls. After spending significant years away for college, military service, and living across the Midwest, Kingland returned to Forest City in 1998 with his family to lead MBT Bank. "My career was in community banking, serving small businesses and family farmers. Though retired now, I remain an active community volunteer," he adds.

This deep-rooted history and continuous community engagement highlight the county's ability to attract and retain residents, fostering a sense of belonging and community pride.

Economic Evolution: From Agriculture to Diversification

Winnebago County's financial landscape has transformed remarkably over the years. "We have evolved from a production agriculture economy to a more diversified one, including advanced manufacturing, biofuels production, and modern agricultural practices," says Kingland.

The county's commitment to economic development is evident in its support for various sectors, fostering a dynamic business environment. Winnebago County has embraced new opportunities, moving beyond traditional agriculture to include industries like advanced manufacturing and biofuels, enhancing job prospects and economic resilience.

Housing: Affordable and Varied

Housing in Winnebago County is diverse and affordable. "We have various housing options, from multi-family to twin-homes to single-family residences," Kingland explains. There are programs to assist with rental and homebuyer affordability, making it easier for residents to find suitable housing.

However, like many communities, there's a need for more affordable housing. Kingland points out, "We could always use more affordable housing. Sometimes, we must send the message to those with a need." This challenge is a testament to the ongoing efforts to improve and expand the county's housing options.

Growth and Quality of Life: A Community That Thrives

Kingland is passionate about the quality of life in Winnebago County. "We have a great place to live and raise families, with meaningful careers and a balanced work-life," he says. The county boasts excellent education, healthcare, daycare facilities, and low crime rates, all contributing to a high standard of living.

Winnebago County's array of amenities enriches residents' lives. The county offers diverse activities, from bike trails, swimming pools, and sports courts to fine arts centers, campgrounds, and public hunting areas. "These amenities enhance the quality of life for all," Kingland affirms.

Welcoming Newcomers: A Community Open to All

Winnebago County is for more than just long-time residents. Kingland shares that several couples have moved to the county, drawn by its unique charm and advantages. "I know several couples who chose to move to Winnebago County, having never lived here before. Some have family here, and others picked our area as their new home for the reasons mentioned," he says.

This welcoming environment and a strong sense of community make Winnebago County attractive for new residents seeking a fulfilling and peaceful lifestyle.

Embrace the Winnebago County Experience

Winnebago County offers a harmonious blend of historical roots, economic diversity, and a rich quality of life. As David L. Kingland's experiences illustrate, it's a community that values its heritage while embracing growth and change. Whether you're considering a move or already call Winnebago County home, you'll find it a place where tradition meets progress and community thrives!

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