Rick Scholbrock: A Champion for Winnebago and Worth Counties

Rick Scholbrock: A Champion for Winnebago and Worth Counties Main Photo

11 Apr 2024

Rick Scholbrock wears many hats. A dedicated public servant, a proud family man, and a tireless advocate for Winnebago and Worth Counties in Iowa, Rick's passion for his community shines through in everything he does.

Rick has served the community in various capacities and has had a career spanning over three decades. From his 30-year tenure as mayor to his current role as the longest-standing member of the Winn-Worth Betco's Advisory board, Rick's commitment to his community is unwavering.
"I've been on the board for 30 years," Rick says. “We've seen some outstanding directors come to our organization, and we've seen a lot of unique and cool projects."

A Strong Advocate for Collaboration

Rick believes Winnebago and Worth Counties' true strength lies in their collaboration. "You know, being close together," he says, "We have to work together, and I've had some great experiences. I've met some fantastic people. Just the interaction amongst the towns when we have meetings is fantastic."

This collaborative spirit has led to many successful projects, including developing a significant casino complex in Worth County. Rick recounts a pivotal moment in the county's history: "I was putting my two daughters to bed, and I got a phone call. It's about 8:30 at night. And this gentleman called, you know, answered, and he said, how about if we put a 65 million dollar ethanol plant? Either touching city limits or, you know, in City Limits."

While initially skeptical, Rick witnessed the project's fruition, with Winn-Worth Betco playing a significant role. "They built the ethanol plant," Rick says, "And it's closer to a 100 million dollar ethanol facility; Winn-Worth Betco was a big helper in that."

A Hidden Gem Waiting to be Discovered

Rick believes that Winnebago and Worth Counties are hidden gems waiting to be discovered. "We've captured quite a bit with the Diamond Jo Casino here in Worth County," he says, "but we need to expand that a little more. You know, we need bike trails. We need campgrounds, you know, different things like that."

Beyond the economic potential, Rick highlights the region's beauty and charm. "We have a couple of lakes," he says. We've got some really nice towns that have shopping. Knowing people here is interesting. We have a lot of friends in Winnebago and Worth Counties, so we spend as much time as I can."

For those seeking outdoor activities, Rick recommends Pilot Knob State Park in Iowa. "There are a lot of neat things to see," he says, "Everybody thinks it's just corn and hogs here. There is much more to Iowa than just agriculture”.

A Champion for All Seasons

Rick strongly believes in the beauty of all four seasons Winnebago and Worth Counties offer. "We got the four seasons," he says, "You know, that's something that I know people down in Florida and Alaska, and, you know, they don't see a whole lot of the four seasons."

With his dedication, experience, and unwavering enthusiasm, Rick Scholbrock is a true champion of Winnebago and Worth Counties. 

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