ABI’s Business Monthly | Ten Leaders to Know

14 Aug 2023


Welcome to the August edition of ABI’s Business Monthly, where we are highlighting Ten Leaders to Know. These individuals, both young professionals and more tenured, were chosen from ABI member companies and embody the values of integrity, empathy, vision, resilience, and ingenuity. The values of a good leader are essential guiding principles that shape their behavior, decisions, and interactions with others. These values not only define the leader’s character but also influence the culture of the organization or community they lead. 

Iowa’s diverse landscapes and close-knit communities have provided fertile ground for the growth of exceptional leaders, and this publication gives readers a glimpse into the stories of ten individuals that are making a significant difference every day in the state of Iowa. As we highlight these individuals, may their stories ignite a flame of ambition within each reader, inspiring us all to become creators of positive change and lead with purpose and compassion. Let Ten Leaders to Know be a source of motivation and a testament to the potential of leadership in shaping the destiny of a state and the lives of its people.

Read the full article here.

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