Local interns discover innovative techniques to bring to their companies

Local interns discover innovative techniques to bring to their companies Main Photo

12 Jul 2022

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On June 23, roughly two dozen local interns gathered at the Clear Lake Arts Center to network and discover how to become innovative leaders in the workforce.

“Change is going to happen,” said speaker and workplace psychologist Celina Peerman. “Being change ready is a choice.”

The night started with an ice breaker followed by Peerman’s presentation highlighting several key career tips: become a continuous learner, be intentional in work and pay attention to the industry and how it can change.

Throughout the discussion, Peerman inspired further networking between peers and encouraged innovative thinking through exercises that will help the group make waves in their future careers.

Peerman explained that “every generation has challenged the generation before,” so it becomes essential to “prepare this group to take on how they lead in our organizations.”

Jill Kramer, executive director for Hancock County Economic Development, hoped the event allowed the interns to not only get to know each other but to also share about their local communities and internship experiences.

Kramer also hopes that spending the summer interning in North Iowa has compelled individuals to choose the area as their home.

“It may not be next year they come back, but maybe they’ll remember us in the future,” said Kramer.

The students came from local cities and nearby states like Minnesota, South Dakota, Illinois and Indiana and even stretched to Mississippi. Attendees took home their newfound knowledge to make their own mark in their internships in local businesses and organizations, including Stellar Industries, Winnebago Industries, Iowa State Extension and Outreach, Clear Lake Bank and Trust, Mason City Chamber of Commerce and more.

The event was hosted by The North Central Iowa Alliance.

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