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22 Oct 2021


Despite retiring, a Northwood local channeled her passion for flowers into a highly requested business for weddings, funerals and more.

Mary Reyerson-Lou started her floral shop, Flower Forager, in her garage in 2017. She chose this name because it described her when became a florist.

Reyerson-Lou’s passion for flowers sprouted at a young age as she grew up with a mother and grandmother who loved flowers.

“My mother always cut hers, and every time I went to visit my mom, she would send me home with an armful of flowers,” said Reyerson-Lou. “When I started out, that was my thought: ‘I get to share that same feeling with people of walking through the garden and sending them with a garden bouquet.’”

Upon retirement, she began creating and selling flower arrangements out of supplies in her own garden, as well as a prairie near her home.

When winter came and the flowers withered, Reyerson-Lou decided to look at suppliers as a way to meet the ongoing requests for her services. When the other two local florists closed shop more locals depended on her to fill the gap.

Even though Reyerson-Lou receives almost daily supplies, she continues to use her home-grown flowers for her orders, producing arrangements of both supplies.

Reyerson-Lou only saw an increase in business throughout the pandemic as many wished to send arrangements to friends and family to let them know they were thinking of them.

Reyerson-Lou sees her business not just as a hobby, but as a way to spread joy. During the pandemic, she developed a project where people could donate $10 for her to make a small flower arrangement for a resident of Luthern Retirement Home, Inc. in Northwood. She obtained enough donations for each resident to receive an arrangement with more leftover.

Reyerson-Lou makes all of her arrangements to order, allowing for each to be unique and specific to the individual.

“Success to me is measured on someone’s face … how happy the individual was that I interacted with and that they were happy with what they had,” said Reyerson-Lou.

Reyerson-Lou recognizes and appreciates the help she receives from her part-time employee, as well as her friends who occasionally lend a hand for large events.

“It always works out that someone is able to help for a day or two,” said Reyerson-Lou. “It’s a very friendly atmosphere. We all get along; we all try to help each other. I am very glad and grateful for both those people.”

Reyerson-Lou can be reached by phone or her Flower Forager Facebook page for her services.

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