Biz Wiz Marketing soars as it continues to grow

Biz Wiz Marketing soars as it continues to grow Main Photo

3 Sep 2021

In 2011, Alexander Bloedel, CEO, opened Biz Wiz Marketing, a full-service advertising agency, and print shop, in Scarville and has since seen a boom in business.

Despite its employee count of two full-timers and two part-times, Biz Wiz Marketing offers a large variety of services, many of them geared toward helping start and develop small businesses.

Its most common services include web design, prints, logos, screen printing, consulting, social media and marketing. Biz Wiz Marketing has also grown to become dealers for a few other businesses like Smokin Brothers, MRCOOL and U-Haul.

Bloedel graduated from Bethel University with a two-year degree in business. After college, he spent his time working for various radios throughout the country.

When Bloedel was ready to settle down, he realized there was a significant need for a company as such in Scarville and decided to return home to open Biz Wiz Marketing. With that said, the business’ services extend to clients in 37 states.

“I really found there is a really huge need in helping the mom and pops,” Bloedel said. “I guess growing up with my dad being self-employed and growing up in a small business family, I care, so I really wanted to help small businesses.”

Although the business’ primary focus is to help small businesses, it also wants to assist Scarville in growing. Already, Biz Wiz Marketing has pulled in about 15 employees from out of state, bringing more revenue to the town through the years. Its dealer services also help this cause.

“There’s a lot of opportunity here, you know?” Bloedel said. “Some people say, for instance, Scarville is a dying town. I look at it as it has nowhere to go but up.”

Each year, the business works with roughly 600 clients. Bloedel noted that Biz Wiz Marketing kept around 90% of its first-year clients. Bloedel also stated the business’ numbers had set a new personal record every year, minus 2020 due to the pandemic.

In fact, the pandemic has launched the business into another record year. During the shutdown, the business found new ways to provide services. Now, with almost everything up and running again, the company has resumed the old services, as well as maintained the new ones.

As Biz Wiz Marketing continues to grow and expand, it shows no signs of slowing down.

“We are just getting started,” said Bloedel. “I have big plans.”

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