Women Over 50 Spearheading The Covid Vaccine Rollout

29 Apr 2021


The United States has officially distributed more than 200 million Covid vaccines; globally, more than a billion doses have been administered.

While there is still a long way to go until the American population is inoculated to the point of achieving herd immunity—and an even longer way to go to reach that benchmark globally—the pace of the progress thus far has been a testament to the power of science, innovation and human determination.

It’s also been a testament to the power of women, and particularly women over the age of 50. For the last 14 months, women have been on the front lines of the Covid pandemic—as doctors, healthcare workers and pharmaceutical professionals—and they’ve also been running operations, behind the scenes, to facilitate the breakneck pace of vaccine distribution. And so, as part of our regular segment on Morning Joe highlighting women over the age of 50 who are changing the world, Forbes and “Know Your Value” want to shine a light on the women in this group who have made the vaccine rollout possible.

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