Caribbean: Business Locations in Sunny Places

19 May 2021


It’s one of the top tourist destinations in the world, and with good reason. The scenery in the Caribbean is stunning, the cultures inviting and diverse, the location convenient but with a refreshing out-of-the-way feel. How do the warm and sunny nations and territories of the Caribbean fare as locations for business operations beyond tourism?

Some of the opportunities are obvious; some may be surprising. The benefits for ocean-centric businesses, including those tied to resources and commodity exports, almost go without saying. But there are also great opportunities in services, from financial operations to call centers, as well as the digital and creative sectors and advanced manufacturing.

Similarly, there are some challenges that come immediately to mind for most observers, but advantages that may be less apparent to outsiders. Natural disasters from hurricanes to earthquakes make global headlines and thus won’t surprise anyone as they tally up the challenges. But some observers may overlook various bright points, from advanced digital infrastructure in some jurisdictions to diverse workforce capabilities in others.

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