Siting Next-Generation Data Centers

14 May 2021


Refrigerators that text you when you’re out of milk…thermostats that learn how cool you like the house when you get home from work…Thanks to an explosion in smart consumer technologies like these, daily life is being transformed before our very eyes.

While good news to many consumers, this is even better news to communities seeking to attract the data centers where the millions of terabytes of information collected by these technologies are stored. Demand for secure data storage continues to increase, with the U.S. data center construction market expected to grow 9 percent each year through 2025.

The next generation of data centers, however, will likely differ from the current stock in several key ways. The criteria driving site selection may, in some cases, also be changing. As a result, corporate real estate executives as well as economic development groups seeking to land these projects might need to recalibrate their efforts.

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