Winnebago & Worth Counties: Inspired Arts Culture in Northern Iowa

18 Aug 2021


Winnebago and Worth Counties (Winn-Worth) are home to a very inspired arts culture. Located in north-central Iowa, our counties have a lot to offer, including an amazing arts scene! The Winn-Worth region is a leading destination for artists of all kinds and art connoisseurs. Our arts scene includes visual arts, performing arts, culinary arts, writers, and filmmakers.

The visual and performing arts here are housed by our fine arts center, studios, shops, and quaint galleries. Our culinary arts scene is a big one as well and consists of our unique farm-to-table culinary experiences. Chefs are drawn from big cities to our region to be able to use fresh and locally grown ingredients. Click here to learn more about Winn-Worth’s unique and vibrant arts culture!

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