Community Info


Manly was established when the 2nd railroad came into the area with the namesake being J.C. Manly, the division freight agent of the Central Iowa railroad.


The Sunset Inn and the Avalon Ballroom were past Manly attractions that were open-air pavilions where people came to "dance their troubles away".

Quality of Life

  • Weekly Newspaper "The Manly Junction Signal"
  • Cable TV Service
  • City Parks
  • Pioneer Town & Country Club (golf course, club house)
  • Lion's Club
  • Churches
  • Gas Stations
  • Nursing Home

Utilities and Services



  • Volunteer fire department
  • Full-time law enforcement
  • Industrial waste curbside service

Quick Reference


Manly has a population of 1,342.

City Government

Meets the 1st & 15th of month at 7:00 p.m.

Manly City Hall
106 S. Broadway
Manly, IA 50454
Phone: 641.454.3090
Fax: 641.454.3071

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